Balance Method is a series of acupuncture systems rooted in the concept of healing the body by balancing meridians


  • Easy to do the treatment.
  • Immediate shift effect in the body.
  • Mostly used distal points, even no local points for the treatment.

Many types of pain, such as migraine headache, fibromyalgia, sciatica, arthritis, musculoskeletal pain and phantom-limb pain. Pain-like sensations such as numbness, tingling, burning, aching, itching and cramping on the affected meridians Internal diseases such as nauseam asthma, IBS, insomnia, palpitation, sore throat, cough, diarrhea, menorrhagia, P.M.S, Menopause, prostitis and impotence.
Skin diseases: acne, rashes, boils, bumps, pustules, flaking, and swelling.

Balance Method Treatment & The Five Systems provide five different approaches to determine which Meridian(s) should be needled. The five systems achieve a dynamic balance by pairing meridians that are pre-arranged in each particular system.

System #1: The Chinese Anatomical Image system (Chinese meridian Name-sharing)

  • Pairs channels with same Chinese meridian name .
  • Hand channels treat foot channels and vice versa.
  • Yin channel treats for yin channel, and yang treats yang .
  • Treats contra lateral side (opposite side).

System #2: The “Bie Jing” or Branching Channel system

  • Uses Yang channels to treat Yin channels (and vice-versa).
  • Uses Hand channels to treat Foot channels.
  • If the condition treated is one-sided, Bie Jing treats the selected point on the side that elicits the most Ahshi sensitivity upon palpation.

System #3: The Interior/Exterior Relationship

  • Treats opposite side.
  • Treats Yin channels for Yang, Yang channel for Yin.
  • Treats the Zang-fu paired channel (hand for hand, foot for foot).

System #4: The Chinese Clock — Opposites

  • Based on the Chinese Clock.
  • Treats Yang channels for Yin channel problems, Yin channels for Yang channel problems.
  • Treats hand channels for foot channel problems and vice-versa.
  • Depending on palpation and ahshi findings, uses either opposite or same side for treatment.

System #5:  The Neighbor System
The pairings are always with the neighbor of the same polarity: Yang with Yang, Yin with Yin. Thus, looking at the diagram of the clock above, the pairings are: (starting with the Hand-Taiyang or SI channel),

  • Small Intestine (SI), with Urinary Bladder (UB).
  • Kidney (K), with Pericardium (P).
  • San Jiao (SJ), with Gall Bladder (GB).
  • Liver (Lv), with Lung (Lu).
  • Large Intestine (LI), with Stomach (St).
  • Spleen (Sp), with Heart (H).

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